Garage Enclosure

Convert your garage Into that extra room to enjoy your hobby. Or give your pet some breathing room. Whatever. The cross ventilation and light you'll gain with our Garage Enclosure will give you more useable space without costly renovations.
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Whether you use it for family activities, workshop, or pets, this enclosure has interlocking vents and full length handles that slide smoothly to one side to allow full access to your garage. Screened vents keep out insects, admit plenty of light and provide energy-saving cross ventilation.

Choose from a top hanging or bottom rolling installation. This is a 4-Track, 4-Vent system. Simply slide one vent and the rest will follow. Security locks installed in factory. Standard built-in one piece threshold.


  • Overhead suspended vents for easy glide, or, bottom rolling vents available
  • Interlocking vents provide extra protection against insects and blowing sand
  • White or bronze frame
  • 18/14 Screen
  • 20/20/ Screen
  • Solar Screen (white, gray or charcoal)
  • Soft Vinyl (clear, bronze or gray)
  • Choose from an 8”, 12”, 16” or No Kickplate